MovingSchool Reopens

In 2022, after 2 years of Covid Lockdown in India, Moving School’s classrooms formally opened again to provide a space for laughter and learning for the children. Small informal teaching groups outdoors during the lockdown was provided through the dedication of the teachers but having the children back in in the classrooms

My Life is My Message

In 2019 our hostel children preformed ´My life is my message´ a quote by Gandhi. The drama got first prize in Gujrat State Drama competition The children went from  Gujrat to Goa and Mumbai on a drama tour . All the expenses were covered by sponsors. They preformed 6 shows in Goa and

New Tablets for Students

In September 2019 Karin og Jami Gronborg travelled to Gujarat to donate 25 tablets to MovingSchool. The 25 tablets are serving our smaller children in our schools as well as the older children in the hostel. A former hostel Student, Karim who completed a IT education helped

New School Buildings

New classrooms In March 2020 we completed 3 new classrooms around a small courtyard. The design is made in collaboration with design studio Henning Larsen, Mette Lange Architects and local Hunnarshala. The walls are built in sun dried bricks from waste material from the sand stone quaries, and the roofs are flat domes with

Theatre Play

In February 2020 before Covid , our hostel children preformed a drama named ' Jati alag Nahi hamari ' which was staged at Anajar. This drama won 1st prize in Gujrat state level compitition .The subject of the drama was eradication of cast discrimination from society by educating the society

Tree Planting in Gujarat

In November 2022 Mette Lange, Chairwoman of Moving School, together with Karin Grønborg, visited the schools and Hostel to meet with Devendra Kandolkar, the teachers, and children. We wanted to show continued support for the invaluable work everyone was doing to support Moving Schools aims, but also to ascertain the current and future needs

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