Our Mission

MovingSchool essentially provides primary education to young children who live in seasonal migratory communities in India. Through sponsorship and dedicated teachers; educational materials and facilities are provided to young children.

MovingSchool: Education is the foundation of a better life

Numeracy, reading and writing, cultural, digital, media and simple financial literacy is at the heart of MovingSchool’s educational program in the rural coastal region of Kutch in Gujarat, North India. MovingSchool’s very young students are provided the basic education they need to create the foundations for new futures for themselves, thus hopefully breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

While Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu’s famous quote of

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

is the mainstay for these migrant fishing communities, however dwindling fishing stocks and encroaching industrialisation and urbanisation, is putting these generational fishing communities at risk. Therefore, there is ongoing urgency to ensure that their young children are given the educational support to provide alternative futures for themselves and their families.

Our Objectives

In the Northern Indian State of Gujarat, MovingSchool and our donors currently provide consistent educational resources and support to children.

Tying in our objectives with an ESG framework: (Environmental, Social & Governance)

Key to our success is the full-time employment and support of dedicated teachers to educate in the outlying communities. The young children have a daily meal and wear proudly locally made school uniforms. In 2019, digital tablets were donated to assist the teachers and children with digital literacy and access to new educational platforms.  These committed resources and teachers are the core of MovingSchool’s Social Program.

The challenging harsh environment, lack of water and energy resources, provide a background for local and international architects to create sustainable and eco-friendly classrooms for the children to be comfortably educated in, is at the heart of MovingSchool’s Environmental Program.

Providing transparent and traceable financial Governance through recognised institutions and accounting practises, gives MovingSchool a platform for continued growth through the support of their sponsors and committed individual donor program.

Hostel Students

Change a life today

“Devendra Kandolkars’s willpower and ability to make a difference is remarkable. His work must not stop. Please support this effort today.”

– Mette Lange, Chairwoman MovingSchool