We believe in change

Some of Moving School’s past students in Goa have successfully attended university in Karnataka, INDIA.

One of our successful stories features Kusuma, who was one of our first students in Goa, completed engineering at university in Karnataka, and she continues to support education of children of migrant families in her spare time.

Another success story saw Maligimani, who studied at Devsu school in 2004-2006 become a reporter for the ´Daily News` and he has interviewed politicians and well-known local celebrities.

We are proud of

  • More than 10.000 children of illiterate and migratory workers have since 2001 received primary school education through Moving School.

  • Every donation received is used in Moving School India, except for regulation auditing & banking fees.

  • We create schools for children in remote areas who would otherwise never have an opportunity to be educated.

  • We are grateful that some of Moving Schools students have successfully attended university.

  • All work at Moving School in Denmark is on a volunteer basis.

  • We currently teach children in India for less than 1000 Danish kroner per child per year. This covers school uniforms, educational materials, teachers’ salaries and other incidentals that are required for the daily running of the facilities.

  • With much joy and enthusiasm, Moving School’s children are also taught art and drama. The hostel students have won numerous state awards for successful theatre productions.

Change a life today

“Devendra Kandolkars’s willpower and ability to make a difference is remarkable. His work must not stop. Please support this effort today.”

– Mette Lange, Chairwoman MovingSchool